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Congress Super Sale

The Ohio Quarter Horse Association Presents

The 2015 CONGRESS SUPER SALE                                                   
Held with the OQHA All American Quarter Horse Congress
Ohio Expo Center • Columbus, Ohio

12 noon  Friday, October 16, 2015 - Super Sale Preview
10:00 am.  Saturday, October 17, 2015 - Congress Super Sale
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Congress Super Sale Preview of Sale Entries


Hip No. 12 - A Sudden Lady Loper - 14 b.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x A Lopers Good Bar) AQHA I.F.  Tom Powers, NSBA, Southern Belle.  Out of full sister to ITS A ZIPPO GOOD BAR.  (Waymond Roberts, Agent)

Hip No. 160 - Always A Good Asset - 14 b.g. (Diesel Only x Shes Always Good) AQHA I.F.  Dam produced a Reserve World Champion and 2 AQHA Champions. (Iowa State University)


Updated video:


Hip No. 130 - Batt Attitude
- 14 ch.m. (Batt Man x Quiet Impulse) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  Tom Powers Triple Challenge Non-Pro Yearling Longe Line Futurity Reserve Champion, 3rd in the Open; NSBA World Champion Non-Pro Yearling Longe Line Horse, and 3rd in the Open; NSBA Breeders Championship Futurity Non-Pro Yearling Longe Line Champion, and 3rd in the Open.  Full sister to QUIET RIDE, $21,202;  half sister to HEZ PLUM POISON, 193 points and $13,602. (Pete Mead)


Hip No. 22 - C
all Me Mr Chip - 14 s.s. (Zips Chocolate Chip x Katarina Star) Show and stallion prospect.  (Richland Ranch, Agent)



Hip No. 36 - CC Extremely Invited
- 14 s.m. (Extremely Hot Chips x Im Invited To Zip) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  She can jog and lope!  Dam is Tom Powers Futurity winner producer.  (Gary Trubee, Agent)


Hip No. 29 - Check Thizz Cowboy
- 14 br.g. (How Bout This Cowboy x Chip N Zziple) AQHA I.F.  NSBA.  Handsome and super moving prospect by Congress and World Champion Sire.   (Debbi Trubee, Agen



Hip No. 83 - Deluxe Made
- 14 b.s. (Machine Made x Ima Good N Deluxe) Pretty with great profile and mind.   (Gerald Speeks)

Hip No. 107 - Elsas Suddenly Good
- 14 ch.m. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Suddenly Sophie) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  Great mover destined to be a great show mare.  (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip No. 166 - Executive Decision - 14 b.g. (Radical Rodder x Snazzy Lil Jessie)  AQHA I.F. & NSBA BCF.  Full brother to JBLL Snazzy Rodder, Coughlin 2YO finalist.  (Lorri Hughes-Pritchard) 



Hip No. 154 - Good Bars Persuasion - 14 b.s. (Its A Zippo Good Bar x Pleasure Persuasion) AQHA I.F.  NSBA, Tom Powers, Southern Belle.  Out of a full sister to ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP.  Dam is multiple Superior and Futurity Champion Producer. Full brother to Congress Champion ITS A GOOD PLEASURE.  (Waymond Roberts, Agent) 

Hip No. 138 - Good Boys Invest - 14 s.g. (Ima Zippo Good Bar x My Little Investment) Strong, slow legged and beautiful! AQHA I.F.  (Mark  Harrell / Sherri Hennis)   video:

Hip No. 133 - Good Hot N Flashy
- 14 s.m. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Ms Flashy Hotrodder) AQHA I.F.  Out of Reserve World Champion.  Full sister to Reserve World Champion 2YO Western Pleasure,  Reichert Champion & Superior earner.  Half sister to Reserve World Champion, Top 4 Congress Masters, multiple Superior earners.   (Richland Ranch, Agent)

Hip No. 73 - Good Only
- 14 rd.rn.g. (Good To Know x Heartfelt Invitation) AQHA I.F.  Big and pretty with size and mind to be a show horse.  (John D. Petersen)

Hip No. 114 - Good Rich N Hot - 14 b.m. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x One Hot Sister) AQHA I.F., NSBA BCF, Tom Powers, Southern Belle, IA.  Pretty, talented, quiet and good minded.  Dam is Congress, Reichert, Tom Powers and Southern Belle Champion and Superior in Western Pleasure.  (Richland Ranch)

Hip No. 120 - Good To Haveopenrange - 14 s.g. (Good To Know x Now Open) AQHA I.F.  KyBIF, Tom Powers, WV Breeders, KyQHBA.  Out of daughter of OPENRANGE.  (Jerry R. Powers)


Hip No. 143 - Helon Heels - 14 b.m. (Certain Potential x Ms Rad Rodder) AQHA I.F.  Stunning filly, gorgeous mover.   (Danielle Burns)



Hip No. 25 - Hes A Hot Flirt
- 14 b.g. (One Hot Invitation x Aint She A Flert) 2015 NSBA Res World Champion Ltd Non Pro Longe Line,  3rd Non Pro Longe Line,  3rd NSBA BCF Longe Line. Full siblings have won over $200.000.  AQHA I.F., NSBA BCF & SIF.  (Dennis Robinson)

Hip No. 111 - Hes Flat Out Good - 2014 (VS Flatline x Makin Good Love) AQHA I.F.  NSBA, Southern Belle, Tom Powers. Attractive and good mover.   (Richland Ranch, Agent)

Hip No. 169 - Hes Plenty Sweet
- 14 b.g. (Macs Plenty Sweet x Sweet Talkin Beauty) AQHA I.F.  Great minded and great legged.  Started in showmanship; has been saddled and bridled.   (Iowa State University)

Hip No. 81 - Hez Fancy - 14 b.s. (Diesel Only x Ima Fancy Version) Half brother to IM FANCY SCHMANCY, 2014 Longe Line Champion at Congress Open & Non Pro, Tom Powers Open & Non Pro, NSBA World Champion Open, Non Pro & Ltd. Non Pro.  (John Wainscott, Agent)



Hip No. 75 - Hez Outta Chips
- 14 b.g. (Sweet Talkin Chip x Huntin An Image) AQHA I.F  Exceptional pleasure prospect with breeding, balance and movement.  (Todd Laidlaw)

Hip No. 85 - Hez Sweet Talkin - 14 ch.g. (Sweet Talkin Chip x Ima Awesome Dansar) AQHA I.F.  Good minded, great mover, very attractive and trainable.  (Todd Laidlaw)

Hip No. 46 - I Know Satin
- 14 rd.rn.m. (Good To Know x Vested Satin) AQHA I.F.  KyBIF, Tom Powers, WV Breeders, KyQHBA. Full sister to ROM and Futurity Reserve Champion.  Out of multiple ROM producer.  (Jerry R. Powers)

Hip No. 142 - I Love You Jenny - 14 rd.rn.g. (VS Flatline x One Pretty Blaze) AQHA I.F.  Half brother to HOURS YOURS AND MINE, 2,533 points, $72,849, AQHA & NSBA World Champion, etc.;  and LOPIN FOR HOURS, 173.5 points, $5,282, etc. (Ty Hornick)


Hip No. 48 - Im Two Good To Know - 14 s.g. (Good To Know x Annie Good Bar) AQHA I.F.  KyBIF, Tom Powers, WV Breeders, KyQHBA.  Dam is Superior Trail and ARHA Reserve World Champion producer.  (Jerry R. Powers


Hip No. 7 - Invitationtothebar - 14 rd.rn.m. (Repeated In Red x Ziippos Msmac Goodbar) AQHA I.F.  Dam is Reichert Champion and ROM producer.  (SAH / REE Ventures)

Hip No. 147 - Iron Mans Image - 14 gr.s. (HBF Iron Man x Philippino Gal (TB)) AQHA/APHA.  AQHA I.F.  16+ h.  Excellent ground work, ridden at the walk.  Very calm and quiet.    (Charles L Welsh)


Hip No. 10 - JBLL We Likem Lazy - 14 s.f. (No Doubt Im Lazy x Zips Fancy Lace) AQHA I.F. and NSBA BCF.  Great mind and cadence.  Entered in Non Pro Longe Line at Congress.   (Lorri Hughes-Pritchard)



Hip No. 84 - Just Call Me McLazy
- 14 b.g. (Lazy Loper x Ima Sudden Invester) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF, SIF, Tom Powers, WV Breeders, Southern Belle.  Top end all around prospect.  (Debbi Trubee, Agent)



Hip No. 156 - Just Dream Chasin
- 14 s.g. (A Dream Remembered x Pros Talkin Fancy) AQHA I.F.  Attractive gelding that’s a super mover.  (Willis Simpson, Agent)


Hip No. 157 - Kauz N Confusion - 14 b.m. (Diesel Only x Quite Radical) Southern Belle.  Half sister to BATMANS LOPING LADY, 36 pts, $4,872, Tom Powers & Fun In The Sun Champion, Congress Top Ten, Open & Amateur ROM. (John  Wainscott)



Hip No. 152 - Keeping It Shy
- 14 blk.f. (Keeping It Good x Rosys Shy Fantasy) AQHA I.F.  Special pleasure prospect with movement and mind second to none.  (Mark & Cindy Meyer)

Hip No. 38- KM Best Dream - 14 ch.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x Intangible Asset) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  Big, strong and stout with great genetics.  Dam has produced foals with 2,496 points, 10 ROMs, 12 Superiors, and 3 World/Reserve World Championships. (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip No. 37 - KM Best N Slow
- 14 b.g. (RL Best Of Sudden x Slow N Sweet) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF & SIF.  Half brother to Tom Powers  2YO Non-Pro Western Pleasure Champion; Southern Belle 3YO Ltd Open Western Pleasure Reserve Champion.  (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip No. 108 - KM Best Vital Signs
- 14 s.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x Good Vital Signs) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  Half brother to Open & Amateur ROM earner with top tens at Congress and Tom Powers.   (Gary Trubee, Agent)


Hip No. 109 - KM Movin The Best
- 14 ch.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x Only Cool Movin) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF & SIF.  Dam is full sister to COOL LOOKIN LADY. (Gary Trubee, Agent)



Hip No. 146 - Lay Zee - 14 b.g. (Lazy Loper x Only Take Good Chex) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF, SIF, Tom Powers, WV Breeders.  Strong, super minded, with natural way of going.  (Debbi Trubee)



Hip No. 42 - Lazy By Impulse
- 14 b.m. (Lazy Loper x Diamonds Impulse) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF, SIF, Tom Powers, WV Breeders.   Pretty all around prospect for a youth or non pro. (Debbi Trubee, Agent)




Hip No. 170 - Lazy N Blazing
- 14 b.g. (Lazy Loper x Sweetly Impulsive) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  Out of ROM western pleasure mare. 2nd dam is a full sister to A SUDDEN IMPULSE.  (SAH / REE Ventures)


Hip No 99 - Mega Lazy - 14 b.g. (Lazy Loper x Mega Hot) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF, SIF, Tom Powers, WV Breeders, Southern Belle. Big and pretty gelding with Lazy Loper look to him. (Debbi Trubee, Agent)




Hip No. 76 - Midnight Dreamer
- 14 gr.f. (Im a Platinum Dream x Huntin Ona Holiday) Big, beautiful and an exceptional mover.  NSBA BCF & SIF, Kaplow NSBA Yearling Sale Graduate. (Sara Heeley)

Hip No. 64 - Miss Trophy Touch - 14 b.m. (A Touch Of Sudden x Good Trophy) AQHA I.F. Dam is full sister to GOOD I WILL BE.   (Gerald Speeks)  video:

Hip No. 131 - Miss Wifi
- 14 b.f. (Diesel Only x SSInvestorsadvantage) AQHA I.F. & Southern Belle.  HYPP N/N.  Half sister to SHETHINKSHESSOMETHING, NSBA $20,000 and 320+ points, multiple Superior Western Pleasure.  (John Wainscott)

Hip No. 51 - MMMotorboatin - 14 b.g. (Zips Chocolate Chip x Fanciest Hour Yet) AQHA I.F.  Dam is half sister to HOURS YOURS AND MINE, 2,533 points, $72,849, AQHA & NSBA World Champion, etc.;  and LOPIN FOR HOURS, 173.5 points, $5,282, etc. (Ty Hornick)

Hip No. 13 - No More Exceptions
- 14 s. ov. m. (QH Fancy Deluxe x A Sudden Exception) Has quality, cadence and COLOR. Full sister to Champion 2014 APHA Breeder's Futurity Gold 3 YR old Western Pleasure.  APHA B.T.   (Iowa State University)

Hip No. 35 - Now Thats A Batt Man - 14 b.g. (Batt Man x Zippos Good Squaw) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  Great loper, very trainable.  Full brother to a point earner.  (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip No. 158 - Obvious Flatline
- 14 rd.rn.s.  (VS Flatline x Raindrops N Rainbos) HYPP N/H.  Great movement and conformation.  Out of Performance and Halter ROM producer.  (Karol  Waterhouse)

Hip No. 40 - Off Huntin Ladies
- 14 gr.g. (Huntin For Chocolate x Cool Lookin Lady) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Out of COOL LOOKIN LADY, over 200 points, $80,759, proven producer with foals earning over $200,000 & 2,600 points!  (Linda and/or Scott Berwick)

Hip No. 26 - Ok Ima Cowgirl - 14 rd.rn.m. (OK Ima Cowboy x An Elegant Machine) 2015 NCQHA Reserve Champion Open Longe Line!!  By Congress Reserve Champion, multiple futurity champion and Superior Western Pleasure with $19,869.  Show prospect.  (Paul Thurston) 

Hip No. 17 - Rat Rod - 14 s.g. (Coats N Tails x Willys Invitation) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF, Tom Powers, Southern Belle, IL, IA. Super great minded, awesome mover, quick learner.   (Richland Ranch)

Hip No. 139 - Remember Me Chic
- 2014 s.g. (A Dream Remembered x My Zippers Chic) Big pretty colt with a good disposition. Mid South Breeders eligible.  (Willis Simpson, Agent)

Hip No. 44 - Righteous On Impulse - 14 s.m. (Righteous Invitation x Do Mac A Impulse) Half sister to multiple PtHA and APHA World and Reserve World Champions.  AQHA I.F. Tom Powers, MQHA, WV QHA. (Tiffany Wilson)


Hip No. 30 - RL Fools Gold - 14 pal.s. (RL Best Of Sudden x Chips Mystery) Pretty, shapey Palomino. “Take your breath away” mover.  AQHA I.F., NSBA, Southern Belle. (Scott Foreman)


Hip No. 164 - Sassys Lil Diesel - 14 b.s. (Diesel Only x RR Sassy For Sure)  AQHA I.F.  Out of point earner producer.  (Danny Bender)

Hip No. 171 - Say Yes To The Best - 14 s.g. (RL Best Of Sudden x Sheiks Pretty Girl)  AQHA I.F.  Outstanding mover, started on longe line.  Flashy and well bred.  (Jacquelyn Doster)

Hip No. 72 - Shades Of Battitude - 14 b.m. (Batt Man x Guci Shades) Beautiful prospect.  Out of full sister to DIESEL ONLY.   (John Wainscott, Agent)

Hip No. 162 - Shez Certainly Lazy - 14 s.f. (No Doubt Im Lazy x Shez Certainly Right) AQHA I.F.  Western Pleasure prospect.  (Mark & Cindy Meyer)

Hip No. 134 - Stayin On Good Terms - 14 s.m. (Good Terms x Ms MIracle Zip) Out of ROM mare that is full sister to Reserve World Champion;  and half sister to Reserve World Champion and Congress Champion producer.  (Paul Thurston)

Hip No. 67 - Struttin My Best - 14 blk.m. (RL Best of Sudden x Talkin N Struttin) AQHA I.F.  Talented and well bred.  Full sister is entered in 2YO Coughlin Futurity.  (Jason  Ducharme)  video:

Hip No. 15 - Thirft Shop  - 14 s.g. (Coats N Tails x Ticklish Chance (TB)) AQHA I.F.  NSBA, Tom Powers, Southern Belle, IL.  Dam has produced World Show Top Tens, NSBA Reserve World Champion, Tom Powers Champion, etc.  Bred to be a show horse.  (Richland Ranch, Agent)

Hip No. 52 - VS Code Red Classic - 14 (VS Code Red x Flapper Gal (TB)) Has size for the Hunt Seat plus deep hocked enough to be fancy in the Western.    AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF.  (Mary P. Ingerson)



Hip No. 74 - VS Hotline
- 14 rd.rn.m.  (VS Flatline x Hot Flert) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF. 3rd NSBA BCF Non Pro Color Longe Line, 7th in Open.  Slow legged, great hock, gorgeous with a great mind.  (Dennis Robinson)



Hip No. 89 - VS Scooter
- 14 s.s. (VS Code Red x Just Promoted) Excellent conformation and movement.  Half brother to YOU SHOCK ME, Congress Champion and Congress Reserve All Around Champion, etc. (Karol Waterhouse)

Hip No. 71 - VS Seein Double - 14 rd.rn.s. (VS Flatline x Scotchy By Far) Gorgeous pretty and well made.  Eligible for 2016 Tom Powers Sale Stakes class.  Has regular Paint papers.   AQHA I.F., NSBA. (Jason Ducharme)

Hip No. 28 - Well Oiled Machine
- 14 ch.m. (Machine Made x Blue Ribbon Rosie) AQHA I.F.  Fancy NSBA Longe Line Champion.   (Bill Rinzema, Agent)   video:

Hip No. 54 - Willie Bea Pine Bar - 14 b.g. (Winnies Willy x Forever In A Dream)  AQHA I.F.  Out of Superior Western Pleasure mare that produced Congress Open & Ltd Open Top Ten, Tom Powers & Southern Belle Reserve Champion.  (SAH/REE Ventures)


Hip No. 57 - Willy B Stylin - 14 b.m. (Winnies Willy x Envy My Style) AQHA I.F.  4th, 2014 Michigan Breeders SSA Mare-Owner Open Weanling Mares Futurity.  Great legged and great minded.   (Gordy Wadds, Agent)

Hip No. 3 - Willy She Be Invited - 14 b.m. (Winnies Willy x Totally Plain Jane) Outstanding mover that is started on longe line. (Steve Jenkins)

Hip No. 1 - Willy Wants To Win - 14 s.g. (Winnies Willy x The Easy Conclusion) Stout prospect out of World Champion producer.   (Rick Cecil, Agent)

Hip No. 95 - Yoursmineours
- 14 b.m. (Extremely Hot Chips x Lil Bit Impulsive) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  Great looking, great legged.  Eligible for Tom Powers Sale Futurity class. Half sister to 3x World Champion Performance Halter Mare.  (Alderson Farm)


Hip No. 127 - A Detailed Blaze - 09 br.m. (Blazing Hot x Shining Detail) AQHA I.F. Dam is Congress 3-Year-Old Open Hunter Under Saddle Futurity Reserve Champion, NSBA World Champion, AQHA Superior. Bred to ZIPPO CAN DO.   (Gordy Wadds, Agent)

Hip No. 117 - A Hotroddin Lady - 99 b.m. (Invitation Only x Red Hot Caddie) Superior Western Pleasure, Tom Powers Reserve Champion.  Bred to WINNIES WILLY.   (Richland Ranch, Agent)

Hip No. 60 - Cant Figure Me Out
- 11 ch.m. (Charlie Hilfiger x Jacks Sleepy Gal) AQHA I.F. Pretty and broke to ride.  Out of daughter of ZIPPO JACK BAR.  Bred to ZIPPO CAN DO. (Gordy Wadds, Agent)

Hip No. 16 - Detailed Coat - 10 br.m. (Coats N Tails x Uptown Detail) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  Green Hunter Under Saddle point earner.  Dam is multiple NSBA World Champion. Bred to UN FORGETTABLE.   (Richland Ranch)

Hip No. 55 - Emerald Selection
- 01 rd.dn.m.  (Selection So Simple x Sonny Roctin Robin) NSBA Futurity Reserve Champion, multiple ROM.  2012 AQHA Top 15 Leading Dam of Open Performance Points-Earned.  Dam of DUNNIT ON THE RANGE, World and Reserve World Champion.  5 point earners from 5 foals to show. Bred to VS FLATLINE.  (Bill Rinzema)

Hip No. 20 - Emma Hot - 05 ch.m. (Hot N Blazing x Emma Luke) ROM and NSBA World Show Top Ten producer.  Dam has 1,281 points and $20,917.  Bred to COATS N TAILS.   ( Richland Ranch)

Hip No. 58 - Envy My Style - 00 s.m. (Invitation Only x Stylish Zipper) ROM producer.  Full sister to 2 Superior Western Pleasure horses.  Bred to ZIPPO CAN DO.   (Gordy Wadds, Agent)


Hip No. 80 - Golden Moonlite - 08 s.m. (Only In The Moonlite x Old Gold Machine) NSBA World Champion twice and Reserve World Champion, $33,847 with 82 AQHA points.  Dam of Tom Powers Champion. AQHA I.F.  Bred to RL BEST OF SUDDEN.   (Jerry Bunn)



Hip No. 61 - I Gota Be Good
- 12 b.m. (Gota Lota Potential x Ima Good Rodder) Well made, slow legged.   AQHA I.F. Bred to ZIPPO CAN DO.   (Gordy Wadds, Agent)

Hip No. 124 - Ismays Impulse - 96 b.m. (Sudden Impulse x Ismays Tuff Dawn) Dam of AQHA Champion and Top 10 AQHA World Show and National Standings.   Bred to TOO SLEEPY TO ZIP.   (Gordy Wadds, Agent)

Hip No. 161 - Miss Super Impulse - 03 pal.m. (Impulsions x Sheza Super Invester)  Attractive, quality broodmare that is point earner producerBred to GETTIN IMPULSIVE.   (John D. Petersen)

Hip No. 100 - Not Too Shabby Abby - 00 br.m. (An Awesome Mister  x Miss Cluso Bar) AQHA I.F.  Could go back to show ring in Trail, Showmanship, Horsemanship, and Western Pleasure. Bred to MACHINE MADE.  (Dave  Aitchison, Agent)

Hip No. 68 - One Gem Of A Cookie - 01 br.m. (One Good Cookie x Diamonds Cierra) Multiple Performance ROM Producer.  Bred to BATT MAN.   (Jason C. Ducharme)

Hip No. 59 - Only The One
- 12 b.m. (Total Payback x Only After) 12th Congress Open Yearling Western Longe Line. Finished Western Pleasure horse.  AQHA I.F.  Bred to ZIPPO CAN DO.   (Gordy Wadds, Agent)

Hip No. 21 - Rhythm Of Luv - 12 (RL Best Of Sudden x Good Vital Vixen) Out of full sister to VITAL SIGNS ARE GOOD.  AQHA I.F., NSBA BCF. Bred to WHATA VESTED ASSET (APHA).   (Richland Ranch)

Hip No. 70 - Rolls Her Assets - 02 b.m. (Protect Your Assets x Rolls Radicalle) Gorgeous mare.  Point Earner Producer. Bred to MACHINE MADE.   (Jason C Ducharme)



Hip No. 33 - RR Sassy For Sure
- 06 s.m. (Radical Rodder x Consider Me Zipped) Point earner producer.  Bred to ONE HOT KRYMSUN.  (Danny Bender)

Hip No. 19 - She Wicked Good - 11 rd.rn.m. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x One Potent Margarita) Full sister to GOODCOWBOYMARGARITA, NSBA Horse of the Year, Reserve World Champion, etc.; and AFEW GOOD MARGARITAS, High Point Green & Jr Western Pleasure, Superior Western Pleasure.  Bred to LAZY LOPER.   (Richland Ranch, Agent)

Hip No. 168 - Shes In The Hunt
- 09 gr.m. (Huntin For Chocolate x Sure Im Blazing) Shown in AQHA and Open shows.   AQHA I.F. Bred to A DREAM REMEMBERED.   (Willis Simpson, Agent)

Hip No. 122 - Star Lookin Hot - 03 s.m. (Blazing Hot x Smooth Lil Star) 2 Open and 1 Novice Amateur Western Pleasure points.  Multiple Futurity Champion and ROM Producer.  Dam is 6-time World Champion and 3-time Reserve World Champion Producer. Bred to GOOD TO KNOW.   (Jerry R. Powers)

Hip No. 104 - Take One Last Look - 06 s.m. (At Long Last x Coolrific) AQHA Halter Point earner.  Dam of 2 nice foals. Bred to AQHA World Champion, ATTENCION.  (Jack F. Grove

Hip No. 126 - Twistie Jack Bar - 00 sm. (Zippo Jack Bar x Miss Twistie Mack) Out of multiple Superior Western Pleasure producer. Bred to ZIPPO CAN DO.   (Gordy Wadds, Agent)

Hip No. 125 - Watch My Open Range - 07 s.m. (Openrange x Zippos Dolly Band) AQHA I.F. Dam is Superior producer. Bred to ZIPPO CAN DO.   (Gordy Wadds, Agent)


Hip No. 69 - Whisper Flashy To Me - 98 s.m. (Flashy Zipper x Iron Intrigue) AQHA ROM and APHA point earner producer.  Bred to NEVER COMPROMISE.  (Jason C. Ducharme)






Hip No. 144 - Buckyeye Coolest
- 11 ch.g. (Te Coolest x One Silent Heir) Superior Halter, Open, Amateur and Youth. Leading the Nation Youth Division age 12-14, and Rookie of the year in the Ohio.   AQHA I.F.  (Ralph Craft)

Hip No. 105 - Images Pretty Kitty
- 06 s.m. (Image of Kid x IBM Kitty) 17 hands.  Shows in Halter, Hunter Under Saddle and Equitation.  AQHA I.F.  (Susan Sumpter) 

Hip No. 135 - Kochise
- 2012 s.s. (Telasecret x My Amazin Gracie) 4 Open & 4 Amateur Halter points. Half brother to IKON, Reserve World Champion 2YO Stallion;  and FEARLES ANGEL, World & Reserve World Champion Weanling Mare.  (Cheryl Toole)


Hip No. 102 - Miss Coolclassickhan - 14 ch.m.  (Acoolest x Miss Emily Khan) Eligible Breeders Halter Futurity - Open as a 2yo.  HYPP N/N. (Terry Stewart) 


Hip No. 103 - Supergold Centerfold - 10 pal.m. (JMK Supernatural x Ann Jolie) 2015 PHBA Reserve World Champion Amateur Aged Mare, AQHA Open and Amateur Superiors, Congress Top 5.  AQHA I.F. & HYPP N/N.  (Paula Buehrer) 


Hip No. 104 - Take One Last Look
- 06 s.m. (At Long Last x Coolrific) AQHA Halter Point earner.  Dam of 2 nice foals. Bred to AQHA World Champion, ATTENCION.  (Jack F. Grove)




Hip No. 124 sub - Afewdollarsmore - 11 s.g. (Mr Yella Fella x Iownanimage)  Open and Amatur Halter ROM with 41 points.  AQHA I.F.  HYPP N/H.  (Gordy Wadds, Agent)

Hip No. 32 - Assets Are Certain - 2010 b.g. (Certain Potential x Chocolate Zip Asset) AQHA I.F.  Point earner in hunter under saddle, showmanship, equitation and showmanship.   (Mark Harrell, Agent)

Hip No. 9 - Best ToBe ALazyLoper
- 11 bkn.m. (Lazy Loper x Zip N Therapy) AQHA point earner. Beautiful Buckskin.  AQHA I.F.  (Jerry  Bunn)

Hip No. 116 - Betr Lucky Than Good - 13 (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Only Classic Chips) AQHA I.F., Tom Powers, Southern Belle, Iowa, NSBA BCF.  Out of Reserve Congress Champion and multiple ROM earner.  Elegant prospect that is started and ready to finish as a 3 year old.  (Richland Ranch)

Hip # 79 - Bigtime Fancy
- 10 ch.g. (R Big Time Fancy x Lady Dressed In Lace) 5 PtHA ROMs, 409 PtHA points in English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Showmanship, Horsemanship, Equitation, Halter and Trail.   (Robert Paluso)  video:

Hip No. 132 - Blazin Magic Man
- 13 b.g. (Zips Chocolate Chip x One Pretty Blaze) AQHA I.F.  Out of great producer - dam of HOURS YOURS AND MINE, 2,533 points, $72,849, AQHA & NSBA World Champion, etc.;  and LOPIN FOR HOURS, 173.5 points, $5,282, etc. (Ty Hornick)

Hip No. 78 - Blazins Bad Company
- 10 s,g, (Invest In A Hot Star x Im Invited To Zip) Open & Amateur ROM in Western Pleasure.  Started in showmanship, trail and horsemanship.  AQHA I.F.  (D J  Beam, Agent)


Hip # 150 - Blazing Hot Machine - 05 ch.g. (A Good Machine x RL  Cinnamen Blaze) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N.  2-time Buckskin Congress Champion.  Open ROM with 19 Open, 19 Green and 8 Novice Western Pleasure points.  Showmanship and Horsemanship point earner.  NSBA $1,563.57.   (Jason Ducharme)

Hip No. 4 sub - Butter Beans - 09 bkn.g. (Just Me Only x Ultra Radical)  AQHA I.F.  Point earner in Halter, Ranch Riding and Trail.  Pretty and versatile.  SHOW UPDATE:  5th Youth Ranch Riding at 2015 QH Congress!  (Tommy Sheets)

Hip No. 77 - Certianly Not Shy
- 06 br.g. (Certain Potential x Im a little Shy) AQHA I.F.  2015 Florida Gold/Gulf Coast Circuit Champion, a 2015 Blue Ribbon saddle winner, and a Big A Circuit Champion.  Superior Trail.  110 Open, 25 Amateur and 16 Novice Amateur points in Trail and Western Pleasure.  (Anton Zell)

Hip No. 49 - Chips Too Good
- 11 br.g. (Good To Know x Chips Living Proof) AQHA I.F.  KyBIF.  Tom Powers, WV Breeders.  Open ROM, 11.5 Green Western Pleasure.  2015 KY State Fair Open Level One Co-Champion.  (Jerry R. Powers)

Hip No. 115 - Cruisen To The Max - 13 b.m. (Good To The Max x Cruisin For Pleasure) AQHA/APHA.  AQHA I.F.  Big and beautiful with a solid start.  Nominated to Premier Paint Sire Program.  (Richland Ranch)

Hip No. 149 - Diesel Does It
- 12 b.m. (Diesel Only x Photons Starlette) AQHA I.F.  Shown locally in open, amateur, youth and novice.  Buy her today, show her tomorrow.  (Heath McNeill, Agent)

Hip No. 173 - Dress Western Gold -07 pal. g. (Dress Western x Reinvest In Blondie)  AQHA I.F.  Open ROM with 22.5 Green, 6.5 Senior, 1/2 Rookie and 2 Novice Youth Trail points.  12 Novice Youth Horsemanship points.  394 PHBA points in Trail, Horsemanship and Western Pleasure.  (D.J. Beam, Agent)

Hip No. 50 - Dun For Certain - 10 dn.m. (Certain Potential x Dusty Liza Paul) AQHA I.F.  KyBIF.  AQHA/ABRA/IBHA registered.  2014 IBHA Champion and Reserve Champion in Jr and Select Western Pleasure 2015 IBHA Top Five in Jr and Amateur Western Pleasure.   (Robin LaBar)

Hip No. 112 - Flashin My Chips
- 13 b.m. (Zips Chocolate Chip x Ms Flashy Hotrodder) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF. Out of Reserve World Champion.  Half sister to Reserve World Champion 2YO Western Pleasure,  Reichert Champion, Top 4 Congress Masters, and multiple Superior earners.   (Richland Ranch)


Hip No. 141 - Flew The Koop - 11 b.m. (The Only Escape x Nancys Last Lark) Exquisite mover, in training with Kevin Dukes.  AQHA I.F.  (Kevin Dukes, Agent)



Hip No. 31 - Freddys Chip Tease
- 04 b.g. (Invest N Color x Chips Rockin Roll) AQHA I.F.   6.5 Green Western Pleasure points.  Easy to prepare, suited for any level rider.  (Daren Clapp)

Hip No. 82 - Gettin Good Reviews - 13 ch.m. (Gettin Impulsive x Ima Good Missy) AQHA I.F.  Full sister to ROM earner and 2014 Western Pleasure Super Sires top ten.  (Ty Hornick)

Hip No. 91 - Gold Digin Machine  - 13 pal.m. (Machine Made x Lookin Good N Gold ) AQHA I.F.  60 days training.  Willing and slow legged. (Dave  Aitchison, Agent)


Hip # 129 - Good Heartrodder - 07 br.g. (A Good Machine x Miss Heartrodder) AQHA I.F.  2012 Reg. Experience Champion Rookie Western Pleasure.  Points in Open, Amateur & Novice.   (Robert Paluso)

Hip No. 45 - Good Lookin Star
- 12 s.g. (Good To Know x Star Lookin Hot) AQHA I.F.  KyBIF, Tom Powers, WV Breeders, KyQHBA.  Nice, young show horse.  Full brother to 2015 Ky State Fair 2YO Open Western Pleasure Champion;  out of ROM producer. (Jerry R. Powers)

Hip No. 121 - Good Satin - 13 s.g. (Good To Know x Vested Satin) AQHA I.F.  KyBIF, Tom Powers, WV Breeder, KYQHBA.  Started and close to show ready. Full brother to ROM and Futurity Reserve Champion.  Out of Superior producer.  (Jerry R. Powers)

Hip No. 66 - Gooderfella - 13 s.g. (So Very Invited x Gooderella) AQHA I.F.  Half brother to Reichert Longe Line Reserve Champion.   (Ty Hornick)

Hip No. 96 - Gotham City - 12 b.m. (Batt Man x Loyal Miss Ivy Hope) Gorgeous prospect.  Easy to ride. (Joey Hopkins) 17 hands.  2nd in 9 & Under Hunter Under Saddle at Tough Eough to Wear Pink Show in September.  2015 MVHSA High Points in Pleasure, Equitation & Horsemanship.  Shows in Halter, Hunter Under Saddle and Equitation.  (Susan Sumpter)

Hip No. 118 - Hot Lady Cool Chic - 12 s.m. (Blazing Hot x Sheza Cool Zip) Full sister to earners of 175 points and $53,000.  Solid start in western pleasure - almost finished.   AQHA I.F. Western Pleasure Super Sires Non Pro. NSBA BCF & SIF.  (Richland Ranch)

Hip No. 98 - Hot N Rich - 11 b.g. (Hot N Blazing x Luke At Peek ABoo) ROM as a 3 year old and placing top ten at the Conress in the 2YO Ltd Open Hunter Under Saddle.  Has been started in showmanship.    AQHA I.F.  (Jason Ducharme)



Hip No. 165 - Howaboutthatcowgirl
- 07 s.m. (Zippo Amegio x Slow Movin Heir) AQHA I.F.  Entered at Congress in Green Western Pleasure.  Out of Reserve World Champion.   (C & J Show Horses, Agent)

Hip No. 47 - I Know Theres Hope - 13 rd.rn.m. (Good To Know x Greatly Vested) AQHA I.F.  KyBIF, Tom Powers, WV Breeders, KyQHBA.  Big, stout and pretty, ready to show.  Out of multiple Superior producer.  (Jerry R. Powers)

Hip No. 105 - Images Pretty Kid - 06 s.m. (Image of Kid x IBM Kitty)  2nd in 9 & Under Hunter Under Saddle at Tough Enough to Wear Pink Show in September.  2015 MVHSA High Points in Pleasure, Equitation & Horsemanship.  Shows in Halter, Hunter Under Saddle and Equitation.  (Susan Sumpter)  

Hip No. 41 - Its A Blue Sky Day - 07 b.m. (Skys Blue Boy x Deserina) AQHA I.F.  Point earner in Hunter Under Saddle, Equitation and Showmanship.  (Carolyn  Ihrig) 


Hip No. 136 - Jacks Baby Sister
08 b.m. (Protect Your Assets x Paging Pure Gold) AQHA I.F.  Total package with great pedigree, movement and eye appeal.  (Heath McNeill, Agent)

Hip No. 151 - Jae Lo - 13 br.m. (Diesel Only x Suddenly Mauied) AQHA I.F. NSBA eligible. Good mover that is ready to show in fall futurities.  (Daren Clapp)



Hip No. 172 - KM Best Magic -  12 blk.g. (RL Best Of Sudden x AGR Blackmagicwoman)  AQHA I.F.  Ready to go in western pleasure, well started over poles and for horsemanship.  (James Gauthier)

Hip No. 39 - KM Best With Sheik
- 13 b.g. (RL Best Of Sudden x Dont Skip Sheik) AQHA I.F.  NSBA SIF.  Handsome, super quiet.  Started in Trail and Showmanship.  Out of Superior Western Pleasure mare.  (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip No. 110 - KM Hot Mama
- 12 b.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x Hot Little Mama) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF & SIF.  Well started.  Full sister to MOMMA KNOWS BEST, 2015 Champion at NSBA World Show, LIttle Futurity and Tom Powers.  (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip No. 123 - Know Your Stars
- 13 rd.rn.g. (Good To Know x Star Lookin Hot) AQHA I.F.  KyBIF.  2015 KY State Fair 2YO Open Western Pleasure Champion.  (Jerry R. Powers)


Hip No. 90 - Larks Kinky Boots - 13 b.m. (Allocate Your Assets x Larks Majic Moment) Started by Kevin Dukes.  All Around Prospect. (Kevin Dukes, Agent



Hip No. 119 - Lucky Yella Ducky
- 10 pal.g. (MWS Ima Flashyzipper x Invested Socks) AQHA I.F.  KyBIF.  Earner of 167 PHBA points, 3 AQHA Rookie Amateur, and 3 AQHA novice amateur points in Equitation, Horsemanship, Showmanship, Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Trail.   (Jerry R. Powers)


Hip No. 6 - LW Sadie Cakes - 13 b.f. (Batt Man x WW Elegant Maid) AQHA I.F.  Great minded with ground work done.  Started in Showmanship.   (Jason Wills)


Hip No. 23 - Man Shez Fancy
- 12 br.m. (Batt Man x Ima Fancy Version) Has won over $2,300 NSBA.  Full Sister to IM FANCY SCHMANCY, Congress Longe Line Champion, 2014 Congress Super Sale High Seller.   AQHA I.F.  (Jason C. Ducharme)



Hip # 101 - Millennium Chip
- 12 b.m. (Promote This Chip x Millennium Rose (TB)) Big and beautiful hunt seat prospect. AQHA I.F.  (Robert Paluso)

Hip No. 153 - Mister Krymsun
- 12 s.g. (One Hot Krymsun x Pleasure N Passion) AQHA I.F.  Full brother to THE KRYMSUN KRUZER.  2013 OQHBF Yearling Longe LIne Co-Champion.  Hunt seat futurity placed at 2. (Cole Miller)

Hip No. 86 - MJS Cowboys Coffee - 00 b.m. (Flashy Mr Cowboy x Impres Timi) 16.3 h.  Regional Experience Reserve Champion Youth Jumping, top tens in Open Jumping and Amateur Equitation Over Fences.  (Marcus Spencer)

Hip No. 56 - Moonlight Made Over
- 05 s.m. (Invitation Only x Zippo By Moonlight) Ready to Show. Full Sister to ONLY IN THE MOONLITE. Dam of Reichert Champion.  AQHA I.F.  (Adriane Barnes, Agent)

Hip No. 167 - My Best FancyFantasy - 13 s.f. (RL Best of Sudden x Sunkist Fantasy) AQHA/APHA Great mover. Green Broke.  AQHA I.F.  (Jerry  Bunn)

Hip No. 159 - My Breeches Blue Off - 12 gr.m. (Its All About Blue x She Be Grey Eagle) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF & SIF.  WINNER Tri State QHA Hunter Under Sadle Futurity under all 3 judges!! (9/19-20)  Elegant and balanced.  Entered at Congress in 3YO Hunter Under Saddle Futurity and Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle.  (Josh Baker)


Hip No. 137 - My Secret Asset - 10 ch.g. (Pass The Asset x My Best Kept Secret) AQHA I.F.  7.5 Green and 6 Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle points.   (Mike  Rapley)

Hip No. 140 - No Doubt Im Shy - 13 b.g. (No Doubt Im Lazy x Rosys Shy Fantasy) AQHA I.F.  Great mind and movement.  Strong pleasure prospect.   (Mark & Cindy Meyer)


Hip No. 27 - Now Thats Lazy
- 11 b.g. (Lazy Loper x Blazing Hot Star) HYPP N/N.  Point earner.  Finished in hunt seat, started in western pleasure, trail, equitation and showmanship. (Jessica Bates)

Hip No. 106 - Only A Lil Impulsive - 12 s.g. (Invitation Only x Impulsive Debutante) AQHA I.F.  16.2 h.  NSBA BCF & SIF.  Gorgeous all around prospect that can halter and ride.  (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip No. 65 - Only Invite The Hot
- 10 s.m. (So Very Invited x Gooderella) AQHA I.F.  Well bred and beautiful all around and pleasure mare. (Mark Harrell)   video:

Hip No. 148 - Only Ona Impulse - 08 ch.g. (Impulsions x Riden Ms Goodbody) AQHA I.F.  3.5 Green, 1/2 Open and 2.5 Youth Western Pleasure points.  Ready to show.  (Joey Hopkins, Agent)

Hip # 24 - Promote This Star - 11 b.m. (Promote This Chip x Zippos Dyna Glide) AQHA I.F.  Novice Amateur Western Pleasure point earner.   (Robert Paluso)

Hip No. 11 - Rocking The Boat - 10 (The Good Ranger x Zizzles Hot Chex) Open ROM, NSBA 5,941, Top 5 Reichert, Little Futurity and NSBA World.  (Mark Harrell, Agent for Debbie Daugherty)

Hip No. 133 - RR Hot for Medicine - 11 b.g. (Certain Potential x Ms Hot Medicine) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  Rodrock Ride to the Riches.  Started in trail, horsemanship and showmanship.  Out of dam of HOT IMPULSE and THE INVITATION.  (Danielle Burns)


Hip No. 18 - Sameparkdifrenttrailr
- 13 s.g. (Coats N Tails x Big Wolf (TB)) AQHA I.F.  Big, talented and great minded.  Started and ready to finish as a 3 year old.  (Richland Ranch)

Hip No. 97 sub - Shesa Good Diamond - 06 blk.m. (Good Version x Impulses Diamond)  AQHA I.F.  39.5 points in Open, Amateur and Novice Western Pleasure, Showmanship, Horsemanship and Halter.  NSBA $210.38.  (Joey Hopkins)

Hip No. 88 - Shesagood Investment
- 04 s.m. (Good Asset x January Investment) Western Pleasure Point Earner.  Out of Leading Dam, JANUARY INVESTMENT. Could go back to the Show pen. (Robert  Brooks, Agent)

Hip No. 155 - Shez Certified  - 05 b.m. (Certified Zippo x Radically Maid) AQHA I.F.  NSBA.  2014 Reserve Champion High Point in Rookie Showmanship AQHA, Reserve High Point Champion in Rookie Western Pleasure OQHA, 115 points and $1,648.   (Danny Bender)

Hip No. 62 - Sheza Awesome Image - 12 s.m. (Just Plain Awesome x Huntin An Image) Very pretty with flaxen mane and tail.  6 months professional training.  Full sister to 2 ROM earners. AQHA I.F.  (Adriane Barnes, Agent)

Hip No. 163 - Sip N Jack - 08 ch.g. (Jacks Are Lucky Too x Sippins Impulse) (AQHA/APHA)  AQHA I.F.  70.5 Green and 23.5 Open Western Pleasure points.  ROM in Performance Halter Geldings.  4th - APHA World Show Solid Bred Western Pleasure, APHA point earner. Started in trail.  (D.J.  Beam, Agent)


Hip # 34 - Slow Floatin Zippo
- 00 s.m. (Dynamic Deluxe x Zippo Really Flotatin) Multiple ROM producer, including Congress Top 3,  Reichert Champions, and Tom Powers Reserve Champion.  (Robert Paluso)

Hip # 8 - Sonnys Hot Rock - 08 rd.rn.g. (HH Red Rock x Please Be Cute) Ridden on trails, used to pony colts.   (Robert Paluso)

Hip # 145 - SR Sun Frost Star - 02 pal.g. (PC Mack Frost x The First Star) Used for ranch work and to pony colts.  Easy going, ridden on trails.  (Robert Paluso)

Hip No. 2 Strutinlikearockstar
- 11 b.m.  (HH Red Rock x The Texas Strut) ROM with points in Hunter Under Saddle, Equitation, Trail.  15th at the 2014 Congress in Green Hunter Under Saddle.   AQHA I.F.  (Lisa Davis)



Hip No. 14 - Supermann - 13 b.g. (Batt Man x Heartstring Girl) 7th 2014 Tom Powers Sales Stakes Class.  Very broke. Great mind.  AQHA I.F.  (Jason C. Ducharme)



Hip No. 93 sub - Surely Got Swagger - 09 b.g.  (Certain Potential x Dotevita)  Full brother to A CERTAIN VINO.  Broke and ready to show.  (Ty Hornick, Agent)

Hip No. 92 - Triple X
- 11 br.g. (RL Best Of Sudden x Invite Me Again) AQHA I.F. 4th, NSBA World 3-Year-Old Novice Horse Open Western Pleasure; 3rd, A Little Futurity NSBA Green Western Pleasure; finalist in the AQHA World Show Level 1 Open Western Pleasure Stakes; Open Performance ROM.  11 points & $780.50 NSBA.  (Ty Hornick, Agent)



Hip No. 94 - Two Time N Machine
- 07 br.m. (A Good Machine x Like A Machine) AQHA I.F.  2012 AQHA Hunter Under Saddle Rookie of the Year.  Point earner in western pleasure and hunter under saddle. (Benjamin Ray Martin, Agent)

Hip # 53 - Tys Solo Cup - 12 b.m. (Ty x Estate Assets) Nice western pleasure mare ready to start her show career.  AQHA I.F.  (Robert Paluso)

Hip No. 43 - Up The Asset - 13 ch.g. (Allocate Your Assets x Divine Invitation) AQHA I.F.  NSBA BCF.  Ready to show, great mover with great bloodlines. Quiet enough for a youth or non pro.  (Rick Christy)


 video 2:

Hip No. 128 - Willy Got Me Twistin
- 13 b.m. (Winnies Willy x Twistie Jack Bar) AQHA I.F.  Michigan Breeders eligible. Ready to show, fancy legged 3yo maiden western pleasure prospect.  (Adriane Barnes, Agent)



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