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Congress Super Sale

Kaplow Insurance and The Ohio Quarter Horse Association Presents
The CONGRESS SUPER SALE                                          
Held with the OQHA All American Quarter Horse Congress
Ohio Expo Center • Columbus, Ohio

12 noon  Friday, October 17, 2014 - Super Sale Preview
10:00 am.  Saturday, October 18, 2014 - Congress Super Sale
SALE CATALOG  -  Download using Link at LEFT.
  Download using Link at Left.   Check Back Often - Preview is Updated Frequently!

MOBILE DEVICE USERS:  Sale Preview with Pictures & Video Links available BELOW!

2014 NSBA World Champion
    2014 Congress Champion
           Open & Non Pro Western Longe Line

from Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Kimberly Haines

to Jeri Lockwood, Parker, CO


Preview of Sale Entries with videos:

Hip # 1 - Gotems Lad Of Dianza - 09 s.g. (Get Em Talkin x Old Gold Keepsake) AQHA I.F. Shown locally with success. Trained in western pleasure, has potential to do English as well.   (Lon Crout)

Hip # 2 - Only Grace Will Do - 02 b.m. (Radical Rodder x Only A Zippo Will Do) Halter ROM & Performance Point Earner Producer. NSBA Money Earner Producer. Bred to BATT MAN.   (Pete Mead)

Hip # 3 - Love That Loper - 13 b.. (Lazy Loper x PF Valentine) AQHA I.F. Kind mare and gorgeous mover. Show her then breed her.   (Lee Smith)

Hip # 4 - Lets Go To The Bar - 10 b.g. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Potentially Grace) AQHA I.F. Dam is Superior in Western Pleasure. Full brother to Performance ROM; half brother to AZ Nat’l Hi Pt Jr Western Pleasure Champion, and Futurity Champion with 171 pts.   (Shane Pope Quarter Horses, Agent)

Hip # 5 - Miz Lady Antebellum - 10 (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Principles Fancy Mac) AQHA I.F. Broke and ready to show. Ride her then breed her. (Jason Ducharme)  

Hip # 6 - Pure Country Blaze - 08 s.m. (Hot N Blazing x Pure Country Version) AQHA I.F. Reserve Champion at 2014 Canadian Nationals. Open & Amateur Performance ROM, 7.5 Green, 4.5 Open and 10 Amateur Hunter Under Saddle points. 1/2 Horsemanship and 1/2 Equitation points in Novice Amateur. (Scott MacKenzie, Agent)

Hip # 7 - Sneakinfromthecrash - 13 s.g. (Crashed The Party x Racing Sneakers) AQHA I.F. Half brother to IMA SNEAKY HOTROD, 223 points and#$2,122: 2013 AQHA Champion. (Rob Miller) 

Hip # 8 - Suddenly In Motion - 96 br.m. (A Sudden Impulse x Radiance In Motion) Dam of BORN IN MOTION, 201 points and $15,525; NSBA High Point 2-Year-Old Limited Non-Pro Western Pleasure Champion; Champion at Tom Powers and Southern Belle; 4th at Congress.Bred to BATT MAN.   (Cool Winds Farm)

Hip # 9 - Good On The Rox - 09 s.m. (A Good Machine x Radical Roxanne) Lovely and expressive mover. Dam is Superior in Western Pleasure and a Futurity Champion and Performance ROM producer. (Jack & Pat Creditt)

Hip # 10 - Really Affluent - 07 gr.g. (Rich N Chocolatey x Real Jammies) AQHA I.F. 16.1 h. NSBA Champion, NY State Fair NSBA Jr Hunter Under Saddle Reserve Champion, 3 Green and 29.5 Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle points.   (Wade Watson, Agent)

GARY TRUBEE, Agent for CEDAR CREEK QH  (#11 to 16)

Hip # 11 - Sudden Credit - 11 ch.g. (Hes Suddenly Famous x Credit For Sangaree) AQHA I.F. Big handsome all around prospect. Started on showmanship, horsemanship and trail.   (Gary Trubee, Agent)


Hip # 12 - Very Chocolatte
- 06 br.m. (Radical Rodder x Chocolate Impultz) AQHA I.F. Gorgeous and great mover. Full sister to RADICAL INDULGENCE, Congress Reserve Champion and Superior in Western Pleasure. Bred to VS CODE BLUE.   (Gary Trubee, Agent) 

Hip # 13 - Pocus Poison
- 04 b.m. (Hocus Pocus Hotrod x Snazzy Sommer Rose) AQHA I.F. Congress Top Ten and earner of over 50 AQHA points in Open, Amateur, Youth & Novice. Bred to BATT MAN.   (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip # 14 - Radicals Best Pass
- 06 ch.g. (Quite A Radical x Passers Pretty Lady) Youth Performance ROM, 4.5 Open, 4 Green, 3.5 Novice Youth, 1.5 Youth Western Pleasure points. 5 Showmanship, 2 Trail and 1 Horsemanship points in Novice Youth. 16.5 Showmanship, 4.5 Horsemanship and 1 Halter points in Youth. (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip # 15 - CC R Bars The Best
- 13 b.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x RL Miss Sweet Bar) NSBA BCF & SIF. Fancy show prospect to ride then breed. Dam is half sister to Congress Reserve Champion and Superior Western Pleasure mare. (Gary Trubee, Agent)  

Hip # 16 - KM Suddenly Smooth
- 13 b.g. (RL Best Of Sudden x Miss Smooth Futuria) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF, Tremendous loper, awesome futurity prospect. Dam produced 8 ROMs, 2 Superiors and NSBA $12,211.    (Gary Trubee, Agent) 

Hip # 17 sub - Sudden Classic Luck - 07 b.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x Coosas Classic Luck) AQHA I.F.  HYPP N/N.  1/2 Novice Amateur Western Pleasure point.    Beautiful, quiet and easy to ride. (Joey Hopkins)

Hip # 18 - Scotch N Doc - 04 s.g. (Doc A Mos x Barely Enough Time) AQHA I.F. NSBA money earner and Western Pleasure point earner.   (Todd Powers)

Hip # 19 - Fancy N Good - 13 rd.rn.m. (Its A Zippo Good Bar x RL Sweet One) AQHA I.F., Tom Powers & Southern Belle eligible. By a World Champion Sire, out of an RL Best Of Sudden daughter. Attractive with the mind and movement to put you in the winner’s circle. (Kathie Kennedy, Agent)  

Hip # 20 - Dirty Side Up
- 12 pal. ov.m. (Dirty Impression x Rock With Spring) AQHA/APHA registered. APHA Breeders Plus. Eligible 2015 Reichert Stakes. Good mover with several months riding. (Robert Paluso)

Hip # 21 - Huntin A Rockin Bar - 05 s.m. (Huntin For Chocolate x Rockinwiththerhythm) AQHA I.F. Futurity Reserve Champion producer. Full sister to HUNTIN A TUNE, $20,676 & 20 points, Tom Powers Non Pro Longe Line Champion, Reichert 3YO Western Pleasure Champion; that is dam of HUNTIN BY MOONLITE, 2014 NSBA Reserve World Champion. Bred to GETTIN IMPULSIVE. (John D. Petersen)

RICHLAND RANCH  (#22 to #30)

Hip # 22 - Rosies Good Bar - 13 br.m. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Rosie Principles Two) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Wonderful show prospect with broodmare potential. (Richland Ranch) 

Hip # 23 - Justa Good Margarita
- 13 s.s. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x One Potent Margarita) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF, SIF, Southern Belle. Full brother to GOODCOWBOYMARGARITA, NSBA $42,334.83, Reserve World Champion Western Pleasure, High Point and Open & Amateur Superior; and AFEW GOOD MARGARITAS, High Point Green & Jr Western Pleasure, Superior Green, Open & Amateur Western Pleasure.   (Richland Ranch, Agent) 

Hip # 24 - Envy My Goods
- 13 br.m. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Only Classic Chips) AQHA I.F. Tom Powers, Southern Belle eligible. NSBA BCF enrolled. Pretty, fancy, talented and well bred. Out of Halter & Performance ROM earning mare. (Richland Ranch)  

Hip # 25 - Only Bring Cash
- 06 gr.m. (Coats N Tails x This Chics Got Cash) Great disposition and legs. Dam of several foals as a recip. mare. Bred to ALOTTA LUKE. (Richland Ranch)  

Hip # 26 - Party In My Head - 13 s.g. (Coats N Tails x Hot Legs Only) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF, Tom Powers, Southern Belle eligible. Great minded hunt seat prospect. (Richland Ranch, Agent)  

Hip # 27 - Mint To Be Luked At
- 05 blk.m. (Luke At Me x Image Me A Mint) Carrying an early foal with a championship pedigree.Bred to COATS N TAILS. (Richland Ranch, Agent)  

Hip # 28 - Im Sum Awesome Chip
- 2002 blk.m. (An Awesome Mister x Basic Chip Baby) $1,799 and 4.5 Open Western Pleasure points: 3rd, Minnesota QHA Open and Non-Pro Yearling Longe Line Futurities. Dam of The Next Good Chapter, 3rd, 2013 Michigan QHA Breeders Futurity Open Yearling Longe Line. Bred to ZIPPOS MR GOOD BAR.   (Richland Ranch)

Hip # 29 - Keep Good Going
- 13 s.m. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Chocolate Chip Annie) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Great minded and elegant mover. Awesome show prospect. (Richland Ranch)  

Hip # 30 - Shesthelastgoodmac
- 09 rd.rn.m. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Mystified Mac) AQHA I.F. Out of Congress Champion producing daughter of MR MAC REYNOLDS. (Richland Ranch)  

Hip # 31 - Pine Bar Invested - 13 s.m. (Vested Pine x RR Sassy For Sure) AQHA I.F. Out of full sister to LDR SO RADICAL, LTE $38,000, World Show top 5 and 1,400 AQHA points. (Grant Jones, III)

Hip # 32 - RU Radical - 11 b.g. (Radical Rodder x RU Hot For Chocolate) AQHA I.F. Points in Green Western Pleasure. (Brandon Burr, Agent)

Hip # 33 - NWP Thats The Breaks - 10 bkn.m. (One Hot Krymsun x Rulin The Colonel) AQHA I.F. Great jog and lope. Started in Trail and Showmanship. All Around potential.   (Rick Christy)  

Hip # 34 - Pumped Up Kickks
- 12 gr.g. (The Good Ranger x Mac Reynolds Rose) AQHA I.F. and 2015 Reichert Stakes eligible. Top western pleasure show prospect out of point earner and NSBA money earner producer.   (Robert Paluso) 

Hip # 35 - My Version Is Hot - 07 s.g. (Chips Hot Chocolate x Cool Versions) AQHA I.F. Open Performance ROM. Open & Amateur Halter ROM. Points in Western Pleasure, Trail, Equitation, Halter, Showmanship & Trail. (Jason Ducharme)  

Hip # 36 - Rageous Chocolates
- 09 ch.g. (Ziprageous x Shy About Chocolate) AQHA I.F. 3x Reserve NSBA World Champion Western Pleasure. NSBA $7,685. Open & Youth Performance ROM. Multiple Top Ten Congress placed. 63.5 points in Western Pleasure, Showmanship, Horsemanship and Halter.   (Beckey Schooler, Agent) 

Hip # 37 - Zips In My Heart
- 13 ch.g. (Zips Chocolate Chip x Zippos Radical Rose) AQHA I.F. Gorgeous moving prospect out of Performance ROM producer.   (Lee Smith)

Hip # 38 - Allocayations - 13 b.g. (Allocate Your Assets x Silent Valentina) AQHA I.F. Wonderful hunt seat prospect with great trot and canter. Dam is full sister to ANOTHER VALENTINO, AQHA Superhorse and multiple World Champion; and is a futurity champion producer. (Rick Fleetwood, Agent)

Hip # 39 - Snazzy Lil Loper - 13 b.g. (Lazy Loper x Snazzy Lil Flirt) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N. Pretty and well bred prospect out of multiple Superior producer with foals earning $23,002 in NSBA. (Jerry & Carol Collingsworth)

Hip # 40 - Ima RJ Chips Extreme - 13 s.m. (Extremely Hot Chips x So Hot Ima Awesome) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Reserve Co-Champion OQHBF Longe LIne, Reserve Co-Champion OQHBF Yearling Fillies.   (Bill Rinzema, Agent)  

Hip # 41 - KM Naturally Slow
 - 12 b.g. (RL Best Of Sudden x Naturally Radical) AQHA I.F. 3rd in Ltd Open 2YO Western Pleasure at Tom Powers, 4th at NSBA World Show, 4th at Michigan Breeders Slot class. Almost $5,000 in 3 shows! (Jason Ducharme)      

Hip # 42 - So Simply Designed
- 07 b.m. (Simply Hot x Strictly Inviting) AQHA I.F. 6.5 Amateur Showmanship, 1 Amateur Halter, 21 Novice Amateur Showmanship points. Dam of 2 foals. Quiet enough for a novice. (Robert Paluso)

Hip # 43 - Ima Fancy Schmancy - 13 br.m. (Batt Man x Ima Fancy Version) AQHA I.F. Tom Powers Sales Stakes, NSBA, WVQHA, Michigan, Southern Belle eligible. Winner of the Open and Non Pro Longe at the Tom Powers, NSBA World Show, and the IQHA Futurity.   (Cool Winds Farm)  

Hip # 44 - Shez One Hot Diamond
- 13 s.m. (One Hot Krymsun x Sure Desaray Diamond) HYPP N/N. Exceptional movement, flat kneed and a big reach. Out of Superior Western Pleasure and multiple Futurity Champion mare that is multiple futurity champion and ROM producer. (Danny & Cindy Bender)

Hip # 45 - Premonition of Fear - 13 s.g. (Feared By All x Sweet Premonition) HYPP N/N. Hunter Under Saddle & all around show prospect. (Iowa State University)      

Hip # 46 - All Tricked Out
 - 06 s.m. (Blazing Hot x Sweet Money Me) AQHA I.F. Open Performance ROM. NSBA $189.60. 15.5 Green and 8 Open, 55 Amateur, 3.5 Youth, 10.5 Novice Amateur and 11.5 Novice Youth Western Pleasure points. (Jason Ducharme, Agent)  

Hip # 47 - Vested In Sweet Talk
- 05 b.. (Vested Pine x Sweet Talkin Barbie) AQHA I.F. Youth Performance ROM, 5.5 Green, 1.5 Open, 17 Novice Youth and 24 Youth Western Pleasure, and 1/2 Western Riding points. (Dana Hunt Smith, Agent)

Hip # 48 - Huntin N Hot
- 13 b.m. (Huntin For Chocolate x Sweetly Impulsive) AQHA I.F. Hunt seat prospect. 2nd dam is full sister to A SUDDEN IMPULSE. (SAH / REE Ventures)

Hip # 49 - Busy Being Best - 12 blk.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x Talkin N Struttin) AQHA I.F. Pretty and great minded with a good foundation. Out of a multiple point earner producer.   (Shane Pope Quarter Horses, Agent)

Hip # 50 - Sucha Sweet Touch - 11 b.m. (A Touch Of Sudden x Sweettalkinchocolate) AQHA I.F. Attractive and good moving mare that is broke and ready to show.   (Robert Paluso)

TOMMY SHEETS Show Horses  (#51 - #62)

Hip # 51 - Te Model Tess
- 09 s.m. (OHK Krymsun Zip x Shes Simply Shocking) AQHA I.F. KyBIF. Western Pleasure show mare. Fancy mover, can also do the walk trot.   (Tommy Sheets)

Hip # 52 - Onlya Glowing Diesel - 10 b.g. (Diesel Only x You Glow Girl) AQHA I.F. KyBIF. 6th, 2012 Eastern Ohio QHA 2-Year-Old Open Western Pleasure Futurity.   All-around deluxe, for English and western.   (Tommy Sheets)

Hip # 53 - Redee In A Flash - 03 gr.g. (Red Dee Hobby x Zippos Desert Storm) AQHA I.F. 5.5 Youth, 47.5 Novice Youth and 2 Novice Amateur points in horsemanship, equitation, hunter under saddle, halter, and western pleasure. Novice Youth All-Around and multiple class winner Sept. 13-14. (Tommy Sheets)

Hip # 54 - Presidents Lady - 10 ch.m. (Presidential Order x Judy Missed Investor) AQHA I.F. 5.5 Amateur Western Pleasure and 1/2 Amateur Trail points, 10 1/2 Novice Amateur Western Pleasure points. (Tommy Sheets)

Hip # 55 - A Lucky Mac - 09 b.g. (A Lucky Decision x Macs Good Dolly) AQHA I.F. Open ROM, 22 Open, 24 Green Trail points, 1/2 Open, 2 Green, 1 Novice Amateur, 1.5 Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle points, 1 Youth Halter point.   (Tommy Sheets)

Hip # 56 - Good Kind Of Lazy - 10 b.g. (Lazy Loper x Old Gold Machine) AQHA I.F. Open Performance ROM, earning 22 Green and 6.5 Open Trail points at largest shows in U.S. Trained in showmanship and horsemanship, changes leads, could also go English. Showing in 2014 Congress Green Trail. (Tommy Sheets)

Hip # 57 - Dieselle - 11 br.m. (Diesel Only x Sweet Pleasure Maker) AQHA I.F. KyBIF. Well bred, good minded, excellent mover.   (T Sparks / K Salmon)

Hip # 58 - Shes Extremely Hot - 12 ch.m. (Extremely Hot Chips x Time Is Of An Asset) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Good minded show prospect, currently in training. (T Sparks / K Salmon)

Hip # 59 - Lopin For Gold - 09 pal.g. (Reinvest In Gold x Zippos Soxy Gal) AQHA I.F. PHBA World Champion 3YO Western Pleasure and Reserve World Champion Jr Western Pleasure. AQHA points Western Pleasure and Trail. (T Sparks / K Salmon)

Hip # 60 - Just Unzipped
- 11 s.g. (Just Plain Awesome x Zippos Too Gold) 2012 Michigan QHA Breeders Futurity Open Yearling Gelding Champion. Full brother to two multiple halter and longe line futurity champions.   (T Sparks / K Salmon) 

Hip # 61 - Chanel - 11 b.m. (Hot N Blazing x A Captivating Ten) AQHA I.F. Well bred show prospect, currently in training. (T Sparks / K Salmon)

Hip # 62 - Faith - 10 br.m. (Pass The Asset x Lukin At A Fantasy) AQHA I.F. KyBIF. NSBA SIF. Currently in training. Good minded and excellent mover. (T Sparks / K Salmon)

Hip # 63 - Shake N Tail - 10 br.. (Coats N Tails x Tillys Legacyinblue) AQHA I.F. Open & Youth ROM. 21.5 Open, 28 Green and 23 Youth Hunter Under Saddle points. 1 Youth Performance Halter point.   (Justin Kubiak, Agent)

Hip # 64 - It Was A Good Bar - 11 rd.rn.g. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Vested In Hope) AQHA I.F. NSBA money earner. Reserve Futurity Champion, AQHA point earner in Halter and Western Pleasure. Entered in Green Western Pleasure at 2014 Congress. (Scott MacKenzie, Agent)

Hip # 65 - Onlyhottillmidnight - 11 b.m. (Blazing Hot x Krymsuns Only Chip) AQHA I.F. Open Performance ROM, 18.5 Green, 6.5 Open and 1.5 Amateur Western Pleasure points. Tom Powers Top Ten and NSBA Bronze winner. Half sister to ONLYGOODTILMIDNIGHT.   (Mallory Menard)  

Hip # 66 sub - You Have A GoodTerms
- 07 b.g. (Do You Have A Minute x Cloudy Good Terms) 16.2 h.  Great minded  over fences or all around hunt seat gelding.   (Rick Christy)       

Hip # 67 - Miss Red Radical RJ - 13 rd.rn.m. (VS Code Red x Wonit Ona RV Radical) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF, HYPP N/H. Reserve Co-Champion OQHBF Longe Line 2014, Reserve Co-Champion OQHBF Halter Fillies.   (Bill Rinzema, Agent)  

Hip # 68 - Good Cool Chip
- 13 rd.rn.m. (Good To Know x WW Cool Breeze) AQHA I.F. KyBIF. Tom Powers, WVBF, KQHBA. Winner of KQHBA Open & Non Pro Longe Line, 3rd at Tom Powers. Showing at 2014 Congress. (Jerry Powers)

Hip # 69 - All Natural Details - 10 b.g. (Last Detail x A Natural Attraction) AQHA I.F. Ready to show in hunter under saddle. Full brother to IM A NATURAL DETAIL, AQHYA World Champion Showmanship, 2014 Select Reserve World Champion Performance Halter Mare, 754.4 points, etc. (Robert Paluso) 

Hip # 70 - Good Time Radical - 05 b.m. (Ima Zippo Good Bar x Young Hot N Flashy) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N. NSBA $489.86. Open ROM with 3 Open, 8 Green and 3.5 Amateur Western Pleasure points. Bred to A DREAM REMEMBERED. (Pat F. Walsh)  

Hip # 71 - Diesel Dixie
- 12 b.m. (Diesel Only x Zippin Thru Town) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Show prospect that will go English and western. Half sister to MECHANIC, World Show top ten, Hi Pt Western Pleasure stallion, Congress Reserve Champion and Superior Western Pleasure.   (Shane Pope Quarter Horses, Agent)

Hip # 72 - Chief Blazing Hot - 12 rd.rn.g. (Blazing Hot x Zippos Msmac Goodbar) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Strong, correct and sound. 60 days training.   (SAH / REE Ventures)

Hip # 73 - Krymsun Time
- 04 br.g. (One Hot Krymsun x Miss Scotch Pine) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N. Earner of 318 AQHA, ABRA, IBHA points and $1,526: Iowa QHA Futurity Open & Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle Champion; NSBA Reserve World Champion Ltd Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation Stakes; 3rd, NSBA World Ltd Non-Pro Showmanship Stakes. (Kerren Scott, Agent)

Hip # 74 sub - Lexi Loper - 08 br.m. (Lazy Loper x One Gem Of A Cookie) AQHA I.F.  HYPP N/N.  Open Performance ROM.  1 Green Western Riding, 44 Green, 27 Open, 2 Amateur Trail, 2 Green, 4 Open and 1/2 Novice Amateur Western Pleasure points.  1/2 Novice Amateur Horsemanship point.  Regional Experience Reserve Champion Jr Trail, top tens in Green Trail, Green Western Riding, Jr  and Green Western Pleasure.   (Mark Harrell, Agent)

GARY TRUBEE, Agent for CEDAR CREEK QH  (#76 - #80)

Hip # 75 - KM Suddenly Chic - 13 s.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x Shabby Chic) AQHA I.F. Big and elegant. Full sister was top 3 at 2014 NSBA World Show. Dam is multiple point earner producer.   (Gary Trubee, Agent)  

Hip # 76 - KM Bos Pretty Girl
- 12 b.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x Sheiks Pretty Girl) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF & SIF. Quiet, willing and a good mover. Ride her then breed her. (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip # 77 - KM Sweet Talking
- 13 b.g. (RL Best Of Sudden x Shes Sweet Talkin) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Great looking show horse prospect. Dam has produced NSBA $965 and 257.5 points.   (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip # 78 - CC Iron Tight Invite
- 13 b.g. (Iron Enterprise x Im Invited To Zip) NSBA BCF and SIF. Super hunt seat futurity prospect out of Performance ROM and Tom Powers winner producer.   (Gary Trubee, Agent)  

Hip # 79 - Huntin For Miss Jane
- 09 gr.m. (Huntin For Chocolate x Invite Me For Jazz) AQHA I.F. Gentle and quiet mare that can jog and lope. (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip # 80 - The Best N Moore
- 13 b.g. (RL Best Of Sudden x Chips N Moore) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF & SIF. Great loper that can jog. Dam is multiple Superior in Western Pleasure with over $17,000 in earnings.   (Gary Trubee, Agent)

Hip # 81 - Michaylas Moon - 03 b.m. (Mr Elusive x Sierras Dreams) Dam of Winderup Cowboy, 4th World Show Amateur Weanling Gelding, World Show finalist Open Weanling Gelding. Bred to A RADIANT IMAGE.   (Lee Smith)

Hip # 82 - Iron Copy - 04 b.g. (Iron Enterprise x Copy My Luck) AQHA I.F. 16.2 h. 8th AQHYA World Show Hunter Under Saddle, Open and Youth (twice) Performance ROM with points in 6 events. Reichert Celebration top ten, World Show qualifier, Congress finalist.   (Mallory Menard)  

Hip # 83 - A Hotrod Peach
- 11 b.m. (Hocus Pocus Hotrod x A Peach In Time) Easy going and willing with lots of riding. A good show prospect. Dam is Futurity Champion and ROM producer. (Robert Paluso) 

Hip # 84 - Everything And More
- 11 ch.g. (Self Employed x Sweet Coolsified) $15,136 and 7.5 Open Halter points. In 2011: World Conformation Horse Association Breeders Championship Futurity Open & Non-Pro Senior Weanling Stallion Champion, etc. (Bob Daniels)

Hip # 85 - She Has The Goods - 10 b.m. (A Good Machine x Zips Nuther Betsy) AQHA I.F. Beautiful, great legged and well bred.   (Justin Kubiak, Agent)

Hip # 86 - Money Huntin - 12 gr.g. (Huntin For Chocolate x Zips Best Version) AQHA I.F. Gorgeous with flat kneed and deep hocked movement.   (Elizabeth Sturgill Wills)

Hip # 87 - Zips Hot Irons
- 07 ch.g. (These Irons Are Hot x Zips Silky Slippers) AQHA I.F. Open ROM earner of 24.5 Open Green Hunter Under Saddle points, 3 Open Hunter Under Saddle points, and 8 Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation points. (Jason Duquette, Agent)       

Hip # 88 - Certain Im Invited
- 13 s.g. (Invitation Only x A Certain Blaze) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF & SIF. Nice minded, sweet and super mover. The pedigree of a super star!   (Roger Landis, Agent)  

Hip # 89 - A Certain Kruzer
- 13 s.m. (The Krymsun Kruzer x A Certain Invitation) AQHA I.F. NSBA, Southern Belle & Tom Powers eligible. Beautiful show prospect with lots of talent. (Kathie Kennedy, Agent)  

Hip # 90 - Dont Doubt Im Good
- 12 s.m. (No Doubt Im Lazy x A Good Risk) HYPP N/N. Stunning show prospect with 90 days training. Good mover, good sized prospect for all events. (Danny & Cindy Bender)

Hip # 91 - Charleys Dream
- 09 (Good To Know x A Zippo Dreamcometru) AQHA I.F. KyBIF. Open & Amateur Performance ROM, NSBA $79.80. 1 Open and 1.5 Amateur Trail points, 4.5 Open, 10 Green and 14 Amateur Western Pleasure points. Easy to show.   (Jerry Powers)

Hip # 92 - Ima Good Missy - 00 rd.rn.m. (Ima Zippo Good Bar x Annie My Wife) Pretty. Futurity winner and NSBA money earner producer from first foal. Bred to GETTIN IMPULSIVE. (John D. Petersen)

Hip # 93 - Suddenly A Rodder - 12 b.m. (RL Best Of Sudden x Annies Lil Rodder) AQHA I.F. Breeding, movement, strength and excellent mind to compete at any level. (Mark & Cinda L. Meyer)

Hip # 94 - Scarletts Assets - 00 b.m. (Potential Investment x Assets) AQHA I.F. Full sister to GOTA LOTA POTENTIAL, sire of Lazy Loper. Sweet minded, broke to ride. (Rick Christy)


Hip # 95 - Assets Are Certain
- 10 b.g. (Certain Potential x Chocolate Zips Asset) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N. 4.5 Halter, 1/2 Showmanship, 1.5 Hunter Under Saddle, 1 Hunt Seat Equitation points with 1 Grand and 1 Reserve Championship and 1 All-Around award in Amateur. (Jason Ducharme) 

Hip # 96 - PF Extreme Supreme - 10 s.m. (MH Supremo x Rivercity Girl) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/H. Youth Halter ROM with 9 Open, 9.5 Amateur and 22 Youth points. Full sister to PF SUPREME SUPRISE, 2014 AQHYA and Select World Champion Aged Mare! (Jerry L. Robinson)

Hip # 97 - Such A Good Loper - 13 gr.s. (Lazy Loper x A Good Risk) HYPP N/N. Superior movement, easy going disposition.   (Danny & Cindy Bender)

Hip # 98 - Well Made Machine - 13 (Machine Made x Blue Ribbon Rosie) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF & SIF, Ontario Breeders. Big time mover at both gears.   (Bill Rinzema, Agent)     

Hip # 99 - If I Only Hada Spot
- 13 b.m. (Invitation Only x Ceeta Leta) AQHA & APHA registered. AQHA I.F. NSBA & Southern Belle eligible. Gorgeous and an exceptional mover. Eligible for NSBA Color classes. Show her then breed her.   (Roger Landis, Agent)  

Hip # 100 - VS Red Cocolatecake
- 13 rd.rn.m. (VS Code Red x Celebrate Chocolate) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N. Out of AQHA Champion and multiple Halter & Performance ROM producer.   (Grant Jones, III)

Hip # 101 - Impulsive Kiss - 04 b.m. (Hot Impulse x Bacio (TB)) AQHA I.F. Big and pretty, futurity money earner.   (Robert Paluso) 

Hip # 102 - Krymsun Lace
- 07 s.m. (One Hot Krymsun x Certain Fortune) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N. Producer. Out of ROM earning daughter of CERTAIN POTENTIAL.   (Tom Robbins)

Hip # 103 - Lookin For A Crash -   (Crashed The Party x Charlie’s Looker (TB)) AQHA I.F. Full sister to Party In The Irons, 17 Open points Open Performance ROM; NSBA money-earner. (Rob Miller)  

Hip # 104 - Makin Some Green - 08 b.g. (Green With Invy x Chip N Hot Principle) AQHA I.F. Earner of 4 Green and 1 Open Hunter Under Saddle points. (Joey Hopkins)

Hip # 105 - Knee Deep In Zippo - 03 s.g. (Ultimate Zippo x Chips Fancy Miss) AQHA I.F. 3.5 Green Western Riding and 2 Novice Youth Western Pleasure points. Broke and kid safe. Trained in showmanship and horsemanship as well. (Rick Christy)

Hip # 106 - Chips Too Good
- 11 br.g. (Good To Know x Chips Living Proof) AQHA I.F. KyBiF. 6 Green Western Pleasure points through August, 2014.   (Jerry Powers)

Hip # 107 - Silhouettenchocolate - 06 b.m. (A Hot Temptation x Chocolate Silhouette) Fabulous mover, easy breeder. Full sister to Congress Top Ten placer TEMPTING CHOCOLATE. Bred to A DREAM REMEMBERED. (Travis McColley)

Hip # 108 - A Crusin VP
- 07 s.g. (Vested Pine x Cruisin Air Annie) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N. Open & Amateur ROM. 28 Western Pleasure, 8 Halter, 1/2 Novice Amateur Horsemanship points. 4 Rookie points in Showmanship, Horsemanship and Western Pleasure. Select World Show and Novice Championship Show qualifier.   (Johnny Terry, Agent)

Hip # 109 - Fred Forgot To Zip - 05 b.g. (Flamboyant Fred x Diehards Lil Zippo) AQHA I.F. 6 Green & Open Western Pleasure points. 2.5 Youth Western Pleasure points. Novice Amateur & Youth: 17 Western Pleasure, 1/2 Horsemanship points.   (Breanne Gahm)

Hip # 110 - Diehards Lil Fred - 03 b.g. (Flamboyant Fred x Diehards Lil Zippo) AQHA I.F. 96 points and $3,625. Youth Superior Western Pleasure, Open & Amateur ROM. A walk trotter’s dream, bombproof. (Kylee Wiseman)

Hip # 111 - Dreaming of Clues - 13 b.g. (Feared By All x Dreamchaser CAF) HYPP N/N. Handsome Western Pleasure prospect. (Iowa State University) 

Hip # 112 - Skys Sparkle Gal
- 00 gr.m. (Skys Blue Boy x Storys Gal) Performance ROM producer. Bred to A SUDDEN STAR.   (Jason Ducharme)

Hip # 113 - A Kiss Of A Chip - 12 b.m. (Promote This Chip x Impulsive Kiss) AQHA I.F. Good moving show prospect. (Robert Paluso)

Hip # 114 - One Cylinder Short
- 10 b.m. (Diesel Only x Dusted And Vested) AQHA I.F. Dam is Superior in Western Pleasure and point earner producer. Bred to BATT MAN.   (Cool Winds Farm)

Hip # 115 - Slow Cruizin - 05 br.m. (Certain Potential x Elegance By Shy) AQHA I.F. Earner of 11 AQHA and 30 Novice Amateur Western Pleasure points, and $9,980 (NSBA $2,711). At 2, Champion at Double Your Pleasure, Reichert Celebration and Michigan.   (Steve Reams)

Hip # 116 - The Big Blue Yonder - 05 gr.g. (Skys Blue Boy x Fleet Forty Four (TB)) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. 17 h. Top Ten High Points in Senior, Open and Youth Jumping, 5th AQHYA World Show Jumping, 2nd Int. Exh. AQHYA World Show Jumping, Youth Performance ROM. NSBA $362.70. 70.5 points in 6 events. (Todd Powers)

Hip # 117 - Just A Pete - 13 b.g. (One Hot Krymsun x Forever In A Dream) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N. Dam is Superior Amt Western Pleasure. Half brother to OPENRANGES ROSE, $13,212 & 28 points, Tom Powers & Southern Belle Reserve Champion. (SAH / REE Ventures)

Hip # 118 - GDA Classic Security
- 11 s.g. (The Classic Style x Forgotten Security) Gorgeous gelding that is ready to show under saddle or at Halter. Good minded and willing. (Bill Dickerson, Agent) 

Hip # 119 - It Onlytakes Aminute
- 03 br.m. (Do You Have Minute x Wenloch Karen) AQHA I.F. Open & Amateur Performance ROMs, 39 Open, 26.5 Amateur and 21 Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle points. Bred to LAZY LOPER. (Jason Ducharme)

Hip # 120 - Radical Goods
- 02 s.g. (Radical Rodder x Good Graces) AQHA I.F. Open ROM earner, 2008 High Point Senior Green Western Pleasure, All-around Horse deluxe. (Jessica Daniels, Agent)

Hip # 121 - Diesel Pusher - 12 br.g. (Diesel Only x Girls Got It Going On) AQHA I.F. Quiet prospect that is started right.   (Joey Hopkins, Agent)

Hip # 122 - I Know Good - 11 rd.rn.m. (Good To Know x Her Faith Is Natural) AQHA I.F. KyBIF. Almost ready to show and multiple futurity eligible. (Jerry Powers)

Hip # 123 - Magnolia Diesel - 12 b.m. (Diesel Only x HQH Lotto Flash) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Ready to finish. Beautiful and willing filly. (Shane Pope Quarter Horses, Agent)

Hip # 124 - Im In Slow Moe - 13 s.m. (Batt Man x Suddenly In Motion) AQHA I.F. Tom Powers, NSBA & Southern Belle eligible. Slow legged, great minded futurity prospect. (Cool Winds Farm)

Hip # 125 - So Hot Im Awesome - 03 b.m. (Hot Pretense x Shocked By Awesome) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N. Open ROM with 29 Open and 5.5 Novice Amateur Western Pleasure points, 3 Open, 4.5 Green and 1/2 Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle points. Bred to LAZY LOPER. (Jason Ducharme)

Hip # 126 - Air Ride Equipped
- 03 s.g. (Galahads Charm (TB) x Invaders Charge) 2008 AQHA Reserve World Champion Jr. Hunter Under Saddle, 2009 AQHA World Champion Jr. Hunter Under Saddle, 2011 AQHA World Champion Sr. Hunter Under Saddle, 2012 AQHA Reserve World Champion Sr. Hunter Under Saddle, 2013 Congress Reserve Champion Sr. Hunter Under Saddle. 173 points and $21,613.   (Lauren Wilhelm)

Hip # 127 - Got My Shyne On
- 13 b.g. (Diesel Only x Invite Me Out) AQHA I.F. SOQHA Open & Non Pro Longe Line Futurity Champion.   #Half brother to Invited Cuz Im Hot, 88 points and $3,462: NSBA Breeders Championship Futurity Silver 4YO Open Hunter Under Saddle Champion, Open, Amateur, and Youth ROM; and #Invite Me Blaze, 49.5 points, Open and Youth ROM. (Jack & Pat Creditt)

Hip # 128 - Pinely Impulsed
- 04 ch.m. (Pine Interest x Impulsive Venture) AQHA I.F. Over 400 AQHA pts. Congress Top Ten the last 4 years in multiple events, Open and Youth ROM, and numerous year end awards. Champion in Horsemanship at the 2013 Novice Championship Show, top ten in showmanship, western pleasure and performance mares.   (Jessica Daniels, Agent)  

Hip # 129 - U No It Gets Better
- 12 s.g. (Good To Know x Her Faith Is Natural) AQHA I.F. 90 days riding. Super all around prospect that will go English and western. (Jerry Powers)

Hip # 130 - RR Certain Advantage - 11 b.m. (Certain Potential x Inviteme to the Ritz) AQHA I.F. Great legged and great minded. Superior breeding and stunning looks. (Justin Kubiak, Agent)

Hip # 131 - The Company He Keeps - 06 s.g. (The Ultimate Pass x Keep Me Company) AQHA I.F. HYPP N/N. 3rd Regional Experience 14 - 18 Western Pleasure, 1/2 Green, 9.5 Novice Youth, 1.5 Youth Western Pleasure points. (Todd Powers) 

Hip # 132 - Zippos Msmac Goodbar - 06 rd.rn.m. (Zippos Mr Good Bar x Ishouldabenablackmac) dam of RL BEST OF GOODBAR, 2013 Reichert Celebration $2,500 Limited Open Ladies Western Pleasure Stakes Co-Champion, etc.   Bred to DONT SKIP ZIP.   (SAH / REE Ventures)

Hip # 133 - Chipalua - 00 b.m. (Zips Chocolate Chip x Koa Lua Royale) Dam of 4 foals earning 1,090 points, 7 Performance ROMs, 9 Superior Performance awards and NSBA $2,777.62. Bred to WINNIES WILLY.   (Roger Landis, Agent)

Hip # 134 - ALittle Art
- 13 b.m. (Man With The Moves x Leaguerly Lovely) Beautiful Hunter Under Saddle Prospect. (Iowa State University) 

Hip # 135 - Streak Of Touch
- 07 s.m. (The Sacred Touch x Lindo Star) HYPP N/N. Big, tall and gorgeous producer. Out of good daughter of SKIPA LINDY STREAK. Bred to A RADIANT IMAGE.   (Lee Smith)

Hip # 136 - Sweet Southern Dream - 12 ch.m. (A Dream Remembered x Jose Prissy) AQHA I.F. Lightly started for western pleasure, showmanship and halter.   (Jessica Daniels, Agent)

Hip # 137 - To Hot To Hold Em - 11 rd.rn.g. (Hot N Blazing x Little Good Gossip) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Handsome and talented with a bright future. (Todd Powers)

Hip # 138 - Lopininthemoonlight - 11 b.m. (Only In The Moonlite x Lopin So Pine) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Great mover for western pleasure and hunter under saddle. Ready to show in hunter under saddle, started in trail. Dam is two time Superior Western Pleasure full sister to World Champion BRITNEY PINE.   (Rick Christy)  

Hip # 139 - Notice My Motion - 11 (My Final Notice x Miss Modern Motion) AQHA I.F. Great legged prospect, lightly started under saddle. (Justin Kubiak)

Hip # 140 - Lu Elite Lindo - 04 s.m. (Elitist x Lindo Star) HYPP N/N. Producer. Big, stout and really nice. Out of multiple ROM producing daughter of SKIPA LINDY STREAK. Bred to A RADIANT IMAGE.   (Lee Smith)

Hip # 141 - Pokeys Absolute Doll - 11 s.m. (Absolute Investment x Zippos Pokey Doll) AQHA I.F. NSBA BCF. Well started prospect out of Superior Western Pleasure daughter of ZIPPOS SUNNY. (Kerren Scott)

Hip # 142 - I Know I Will Be Good - 12 rd.rn.g. (Good To Know x Ms Good Question) AQHA I.F. Tom Powers, WVHBA & KQHBA eligible. Just won the KQHBA 2 & 3YO Non Pro Western Pleasure Futurity. Class winner and point earner in 2YO Western Pleasure.   (Jerry Powers)

Hip # 143 - Ms Fancy Deluxe - 13 s.m. (QH Fancy Deluxe x Ms Principles) Color, look, pedigree and FANCY movement.   (Iowa State University) 

Hip # 144 - Lopes N Dreams
- 13 b.m. (Lazy Loper x Mysterious Dream) AQHA I.F. NSBA, Southern Belle. Lovely hunt seat prospect.   (Roger Landis, Agent)

Hip # 145 - Zippos Mystical Ace
- 07 b.g. (Zipposaceinthehole x Mystical Illusion) HYPP N/N. Open ROM. 42 Open, 3 Amateur and 51 Novice points in Trail, Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Equitation, Horsemanship and Hunter Under Saddle. Halter point earner.   (Justin Kubiak, Agent)

Hip # 146 - Come On Mann - 13 br.g. (Batt Man x No Way Be Me) AQHA I.F. Tom Powers, NSBA & Southern Belle eligible. Half brother to Congress Open Junior Western Pleasure Champion. DIESEL ONLY. Futurity prospect deluxe. (Cool Winds Farm)


Hip # 147 - Just The Way You R - 13 b.f. (Just Expect It x Fantastic Stick) Beautiful hunt seat prospect.  Long neck, big hip, soft eye, pretty profile.   (Craig Heilmann)

Hip # 148 - Rich in the Moonlite - 11 ch.m. (Only in the Moonlite x Rich Chocolate Chip) AQHA I.F.  Ready to show in western pleasure.  Out of mare with 268 Western Pleasure points, NSBA $10,000, Open & Amateur Superior Western Pleasure.   (Barbara  Wallender)  

Hip # 149 - Gold Enough For Me - 02 ch.g. (Zippos Old Gold x Miss Micro Doc) AQHA I.F.  Superior Trail.  103 Open and 9.5 Novice Amateur Trail points, 4.5 Showmanship and 1 Horsemanship points in Trail.  Great all-around gelding!   (David W. Wilkens)


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